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Tuition for a student to attend St. Charles School is as follows:

$1,200  for the first child in a family

$1,000  for the second child in a family

$800  for the third child in a family

3K/4K students that attend half days (8:00-11:00 daily), are half rate. Students that begin after the beginning of the school year will be pro-rated by the number of months attending.

Tuition costs are eligible for tax deductions.

Tuition Assistance

St. Charles School believes in education for everyone; therefore, our school is open to all income levels. For tuition assistance, please fill out the Tuition Assistance Application and return to Mrs. Okey.

Other Fees

Breakfast/Lunch fees

Breakfast and lunch are available for purchase through the Cassville Public School Meals Program. 

Breakfast: $

Lunch: $

Families will pay this money directly into their child's school lunch account.

Free and/or Reduced lunch prices apply if your family qualifies. Please fill out and return the application to Mrs. Okey.

Class Snack

Students in the 3-6 year old room will partake in a class snack daily. Families will be assigned a weekly rotation and asked to send an assortment of healthy snack items on Monday that can be shared with the whole group throughout the week. More information on this will come before school starts.

Before and After School Care

Available from 6:00am - 8:00am and 3:15pm - 6:00pm daily when there is school.

Wrap-around care is offered only to students attending St. Charles and their immediate family members at the cost of $3/hour/child. Fees are paid hourly, and rounded up to the next hour. For example: if your child comes to school at 7:15 and leaves at 4:10, there are 45 minutes before school and 55 minutes after. You would be charged for 2 hours of care for that day ($6 for one child).

Bills will be handed out on Monday for the previous week and are expected to be paid by that week on Friday.

School staff must be made aware of changes to before and after school schedules two weeks prior to the change.

Please fill out the Before/After School Care Registration Form to use this program.